Banff montreal canada goose

Previously, police had to remind the Chinese tourists in Paris: Do not wear too obvious luxury to Paris, banff montreal canada goose easily robbed! Especially the big variety of hanging in the body of the small partners, most likely to become the target of thieves.

Fan primary care to ask: holiday go play Van faithful, your mobile wallet valuables still around you … especially to Paris, Rome, Fan faithful .. (Europe’s “stealing money culture” Fan master find another time to write a talk to us carefully say)

Although it is natural luxury compelling weapon, whether it is walking in the street or Soil trench true, banff or chateau jacket people will look at two. And often walked find it … … Hey … wallet! low-key people less likely to encounter this situation, but those LOGO big, obviously, makes one recognize the brand vulnerable to bad.

So today to take stock of what the main Fan single product which wear out easily become stolen objects

? 1.Canada Goose

Fan faithful see this title must be thinking, should not be a major luxury brands do, and why it is also easy to wear goose robbed it .._?

In fact, the main Fan Follow the news recently there is a Canada Goose was actually … so the robber eyeing Fan primary intention to talk to the goose ..

Yeah … is that coat … grilled over the main range before? Cold cold! Putin, 007, David Beckham are wearing the Canada Goose, in the end how Niubi?